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Sure, you expect to get rejected a few times, find less-than-ideal matches now and then, perhaps have a few awkward encounters, but that’s all part of married dating. You still expect to find real people to talk to and meet up with. 

All of these expectations are realistic, but none of them will ever be met if you sign up on It’s one of those cheating sites that makes promises that can never be kept. While you might expect to chat up some nice looking ladies, all you’ll get are bots and fake profiles. 

A lady looking for a gentleman would perhaps have better luck on the site since the ratio of men to women here plays definitely in her favor. Still, there are much better and much more affordable cheating sites out there that would be more beneficial. 

So, let’s get into and see what this site promises to offer you, then compare that to what will be delivered. 

Overview of 

Right off the bat, the site looks very genuine and a tad bit professional even. However, it quickly goes to make grandiose promises — make your wishes come true, enjoy discreet meetups, diversify your private life, etc., etc., etc. To an experienced affair dating site user, this might raise some red flags immediately. 

Still, you sign up hoping that at least some of this is true. You give the short free trial a shot. You pay for your membership because you’re hooked by all the messages that you cannot open until you give your credit card details, you stay subscribed because the site’s been created by geniuses who know how to manipulate your desires. After months, you haven’t gotten a single date. 

You’ve wasted your time and money and haven’t gotten anything in return. will even lure you in with “booster packs” which give you access to certain niche dating sites that guarantee that you’ll find a nice-looking Thai woman who’s in for a good time, mature men and women who know what they want, and more. 

All of this is nonsense (to put it nicely), and if you do decide to give it a try, you’ll end up feeling nothing but regret. 

Either way, the site looks pretty good on the outside, and it manages to draw in men who are into married dating. 

The Sign-up Process 

The professional outward appearance makes this site look like the real thing. And if we’re honest, it indeed looks much better than some sites we’ve recommended in the past. This is precisely why so many men are lured in to sign up. 

The sign-up process is very simple and straightforward, whether you’re doing it via your PC or smartphone. 

An app used to be available for both Android and iOS, but it’s been deleted from the stores because of the constant glitches and general customer dissatisfaction. Even though there isn’t an app that would accommodate signing up over your smartphone, the site is mobile-optimized, making it easy to navigate across different devices. 

You’ll start up by selecting your sex, stating your age, entering your email address and zip code, and of course — coming up with a password. You can upload a photo, but it needs to be reviewed by a modifier before it becomes visible to others. That’s pretty much it. 

It’s the most streamlined registration process that doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to complete. Once you’re in, you can answer some additional questions that are supposed to help you find a perfect match for yourself, but they seem to be pointless as your answers don’t seem to matter at all. 

Plans and Pricing 

Any person interested in signing up for dating sites naturally wants to know their price before they commit, right? So, plans and pricing information should be visible, or at least easy enough to find before you become a member. 

It’s not quite so simple finding the pricing information on before you sign up, and you’ll have to dig around for a bit since there isn’t a marked tab for it. 

So, if you’re not their member yet and cannot access their payment page, you’ll have to go to their “Terms of Use” first, Ctrl + F your way to “Subscription Packages,” then click on the link that will finally take you to the plans and pricing. 

Too much work for some basic information. 

On, you can access the site in three ways — as a Guest, a Free Member, or a Full Member. 

A Guest cannot do anything; they’ll pretty much only be able to see the interface of the site. A Free Member has minimal access to features, and at every turn, they’ll be requested to become a paying member. 

A Full Member has access to all the features, and can also pay a fee to access some additional features, but seeing as you won’t get a date, either way, it’s useless to become a Full Member. 

The cost of a Full Membership is as follows: 

  • $4.98 for a 3-day trial 
  • $34.99 for a monthly subscription 
  • $59.97 for a 3-month subscription 
  • $95.94 for a 6-month subscription 

Seeing how the prices are about average, it’s surprising how difficult it is to find the information about them before you register. 


While the price is comparable to many other affair dating sites, its features are not. It’s all very basic, there are no specific search criteria that would help you find a better match, and any remotely exciting feature will require you to pay an additional fee. 

You can search for matches based on gender and age, and you can limit your search to those members that feature a photo in their profile and who are currently online. 

As a Full Member, you have access to regional searches that are supposed to connect you with other paying members in your area. But seeing as the site boasts less than 100k members (including all the bots), the regional search will very likely prove to be worthless. 

You can enter private chats, invite other members to join your private chat room, see when they’re typing messages, and see who’s online. 

You can set your status to offline if you want to, block other members, like their profiles, “wink” at other members (the equivalent of “poking” on Facebook), and add other members as “friends.” 

For an additional fee, you can subscribe to a “Booster Pack” that gives you access to additional dating sites that is partnered with. The “Booster Pack” will broadcast your profile on those sites and potentially get you more matches. 

The Drawbacks Ain’t Worth It 

If some of the features seem interesting enough to you that you want to try your luck on, you’ll genuinely receive nothing good from it. There are so many drawbacks to this affair dating site, and not nearly enough benefits to balance them out. 

Who’s Browsing Your Profile? 

If you access the site as a free member, not only will you be getting constant requests to subscribe to a paid membership, but you’ll be lured into doing so. The trick is quite simple, as soon as you open the site, you’ll first receive a message by the staff member, urging you to subscribe. No problem, you can easily ignore this. 

However, you’ll immediately be bombarded by notifications telling you how many people have browsed your profile. After just a few hours, you’ll see that some seriously good-looking ladies have looked at your profile, you’ll see that you’ve received numerous messages from some hotties, and you’ll probably want to get in touch with them ASAP. 

So, if you want to do anything on this site besides receiving notifications, you’ll need to subscribe and become a Full Member. 

The joke’s on you, of course, since you’ll immediately see that the messages were from bots and that the members who’ve browsed your profile are fakes. 

Bots Can Be Very Charming Indeed 

If you decided to upgrade and become a paying member so that you could see which messages you’ve received and set off some nice, flirty conversations, you’d be immediately disappointed. 

All those numerous, mysterious messages you’ve received from sexy strangers are just simple messages from bots. These automated messages were designed to entice you to become a Full Member. 

You might even start conversations with what you think are real people, but you’ll quickly find out that they’re bots as well. That’s obvious by the number of real dates you’ll get — a big ole zero. 

So, while the messages will stroke your ego as you’ll think that there are so many people interested in your profile, you’ll only be left feeling worthless when you find out the truth. $34.99 is a steep price to pay to enjoy conversations with bots. 

The Scary Truth About Fake Profiles 

While it can be very obvious when certain profiles are fake (no profile picture, no personal information whatsoever), it’s not always so easy to determine who’s real on This is primarily because the site uses actual pictures of real people from other dating sites. 

Yup. The site openly steals real profile pictures from good-looking ladies, creates fake profiles that will lure you in with their genuine feel, then leaves you with nothing. Don’t be fooled if you see a familiar face on 

Rumor Has It That It’s Bad for Your Marriage 

Of course, not many cheating sites will be good for your marriage. Sure, some benefits come with married dating, but if your spouse finds out, it will rarely lead to a pleasant conversation. 

That’s why good affair dating sites are very discreet, and some even have useful features such as “panic buttons” that lead to a different site when someone clicks on your profile. 

Bad dating sites boast no such features, and what’s worse — they’re known to attract private investigators. 

Now, we’re no detectives and couldn’t tell you with certainty that we’ve personally encountered private investigators on, but that’s one of the biggest complaints from ex-members. 

Even if it’s just a rumor, it’s powerful enough to deter many married people from registering on the site. There are better ways to get into an argument with your spouse than being found out by a private detective. 

Forget About Security 

Sure, your marriage might be at risk if there truly are private investigators on the site, but this isn’t the only security concern you should have on your mind. It’s clearly stated in their Terms of Use that the site doesn’t do any background check, criminal check, or even identity check on the users. 

Even if you do come across a real person, however unlikely that is, you don’t know how real they are. There’s no way to determine whether their pictures are genuine and whether any of the information provided on their profile is real. 

Another thing to note is that all the information that you provide is not only available to but all their affiliate sites and third parties. Your photo can be used for advertising, they monitor your messages and other content, and their general security features leave something to be desired. — The Final Verdict 

If it wasn’t crystal clear, gets a huge “NO” from us. It might be one of the worst affair dating sites that we’ve ever come across. Usually, even the worst places have at least some redeeming qualities, but we couldn’t find any here. 

The features are very basic; the pricing, although average, is still on the steeper side; the abundance of fake profiles and bots is unbelievable; and, the security is truly horrible. 

If you want to enjoy married dating, you will avoid at all costs.

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August 22, 2021

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Why We Ardour Let go Online Slots

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August 21, 2021

Slots are slots. If you’re in use accustomed to to playing them in a brick-and-mortar casino, you’re not prevailing to partake of any trouble adapting to their online cousin. The development is the changeless: interpolate your small change, preferable your paylines and conk the spin button to bet.

What you compel observation, though, is that the online fit games are more convenient. It takes basic seconds to swap machines, and you don’t orderly hold to worry about someone hogging a nice implement, acting repellent (three) or blowing smoke in your face. You can composed swap casinos if you need to. Online casinos are also cheaper to deposit to, and you can take up for unstinting if you’re not zealous to amusement with money.

free online slots

The rump line? Online slots are like brick-and-mortar slots in approaching every technique, with additional benefits. If you’re a adherent of these money-sucking machines, then we recommend giving their online counterpart a shot. But earliest, start with this page. Learn all round all the contrastive games you can play.

Our site also offers sections to go to online players. We put up for sale 10,000+ sovereign job games. The self-ruling games phase includes some of the largest made slots for the benefit of online players and all of the games weight instantly in your browser. You wishes also unearth sections relating to where to put on 3D slots, steep limit and low limit games (such as penny slots) as incredibly as physical legal tender sites. If you have any questions, please caress unshackled to with us.


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August 13, 2021

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