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Victoria Milan Reviews: All the Affairs a Sugar Daddy Can Handle

You can get in contact with them, cheat on your partners, find sexual affairs, online dates, hookups, casual sex, pretty much anything goes. While most online dating sites are aimed toward younger generations, there are some serious dating sites for married people and those in long-term relationships. 

Finding an affair is a completely normal thing to do, and most people just want to take a break from their everyday marriage. If you're one of those people, VictoriaMilan has you fully covered. 

This matchmaker offers all the services married people need to bring some refreshment to their daily lives and additionally spice things up in bed. 

If you're ready to embark on a real sexual adventure full of exciting cheating affairs, you'll be delighted to know that VictoriMilan is one of the most popular, reliable, and trustworthy matchmaking sites for cheating affairs on the net. 



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VictoriaMilan dating website is the product of RichMeetBeautiful and Digisec Media Limited. The first thing you can see when you enter the site is the claim that it’s the “World’s No. 1 Cheating App for Married and Attached People.” The platform promises confidential, anonymous, and safe affairs to committed and wedded people. 

Every user can count on a fantastic dating experience without straining their private life. The site provides everything committed and married people need to refresh their sex life and add more excitement to their sexual game. 

The Website Itself

What makes this site perfect, especially for people who never tried such service, are the special features that help you keep your anonymity. You can keep your face concealed if you feel like it. The site allows you to keep everything pretty discreet. 

Looking for potential matches is much more pleasant when you have such options to keep you safe. Regardless of your location or country, you can keep your affairs under the radar at all times. Still, the biggest reason why VictoriaMilan is the most recommended site for married and committed people is its Panic button. 

If your partner is about to find out about your affairs on the side, this button is your emergency exit. If you’re looking for a match and your wife enters the room demanding to see your phone or device you’re using, the Panic button immediately transfers you to some unsuspicious website, keeping your marriage or relationship intact. 

With a population counting almost 6 million members, there are so many singles, committed and married people here looking for the same thing as you. Let’s delve deeper into what this site has to offer.

The Design

Aside from security and simplicity, the design is one of the most important factors in an online matchmaking service. It has to be optimized for all devices, functional with great features to make the service purposeful and enjoyable. Well, VictoriaMilan doesn’t fail to deliver in this domain. 

The site’s design is more than functional, making each experience more than pleasurable. In fact, if it’s judging by the members’ impressions, this is one of the best designs seen on an unfaithful portal of them all. Every feature is clearly visible, with all additional options transparently dispersed all over the site.

The site is divided into sections, and to get access, you’ll need a valid subscription. Navigation is clearly transparent with no dead ends. To get unrestricted access, all that’s needed is to purchase a paid subscription. With all the advanced filters available, finding a match will be a walk in the park. Set your matching criteria and start looking.

The Profiles

To create a profile on VictoriaMilan, you’ll need to complete the registration process. If you feel like concealing your true identity, you can hide it using the AnonymousBlur tool. Don’t get surprised if you see that the majority of members have blurred profile pictures. 

The site’s population loves discretion, but there are ways to get to their real photos, but we’ll get to that. Since confidentiality is greatly appreciated on this site, you’ll find that most of the personal information is hidden. However, the detail that interests you the most here is the dating location, and this piece of information is clearly available. 

You can choose the country or dating location you prefer to get your matches from. By selecting the dating location, you put yourself on the map of other members from the selected location. Then, there’s the option to base your search on the location to get all available members near your current location. 

This makes finding a match much easier and quite faster. Each profile is filled with details. What turns you on, love nest, sex drive, your best features, and much more are just a part of what you can include in your profile. To make finding a match more effective, we suggest that you:

  • Be clear and specific – most site users will just scan your profile in a few seconds, so it’s important to be on point.
  • Stay positive – having a positive vibe increases your chances of finding a match as people find positive people to be more attractive.
  • Complete your profile – if you fill in all the necessary details in your profile section, you’ll get more matches. That’s why the site made it easier by allowing you to choose the tags that best define you to boost your popularity.
  • Be honest – members prefer honesty, so keep your profile information simple and true.
  • Be romantic – romance isn’t dead at all, so remember to bring in a bit of romance to express passion while searching for that perfect match.

The Members

With the site’s population counting over 6 million users, you’ll find a lot of married, committed, and single people here. There are members from all over the world, and there are over 9000 girls online daily. The girls’ replay rate is 96%. You’ll find real sugar baby and daddy profiles here. The site is particularly big in Europe, although it operates in all parts of the world.

There are people of all sexual orientations and family statuses, with heterosexual relationship statuses being the most abundant. New members can choose between singles, attached, or married people of both genders. Making contact is where all the fun is. 

To make contact, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid membership as basic membership gives you limited access. Basic members can only add favorites, give winks, and visit profiles. Other members can do the same, but you can’t see their identities.

Upgrading gives you access to contact other members and ask for any detail you might be interested in. In most cases, this is how people start conversations on this site. Once you get a reply, the site sends you a notification. 

To make things more interesting, the site offers a different set of features users across different countries. Here are some of the features you can use:

  • Messages – send and receive messages and keep them arranged to make your experience more organized.
  • Chatbox – send flings to other members and start chatting sessions. Chatbox gives you access to other features like Gifts, Favorites, and Winks.
  • Gifts – send virtual gifts to further boost your secret dating experience. You can also receive gifts as long as you have credits. Each subscription brings a certain amount of credits. The annual membership gets you 1,000 credits. 
  • Winks – if you find another member interesting to you, send a wink to grab their attention and let them know you’re into them.
  • Private keys – premium memberships include this amazing feature that allows you to see private photos of other members. It helps get more attention and make the most out of the requests you’ve sent or received.

The Features

We already mentioned some of the special features you can use on VictoriaMilan and the fact they are only available if you go premium. You can also use some of these features as a free member. First of all, you can hide your identity. Then, you can search for hot members by the country you prefer and your location. 

Here are the features you can use:

  • AnonymousBlur tool – conceal your identity by blurring your photos. There are two options to choose from: either put a sticker on your face or blur it out.
  • Panic button – since the whole point of this site is to allow you to find casual affairs in secret, you need an emergency exit if things go sour. To avoid getting caught by your partner, you can use the panic button that immediately transfers you from VictoriaMilan to a safe website like YouTube or something equally inconspicuous.
  • Features users – while you can keep your matches limited to your location only, you can also widen your search and include members from all over the world.
  • Search – search for available members near your location to quickly find possible matches.
  • Visits – you can see all the visitors who check out your profile by using this feature. See who visits your profile and leave comments or send winks.

The App

VictoriaMilan is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. You can also find it on the APK Pure app store. The site has a fully functional mobile version with an excellent, user-friendly interface. 

All features are transparently located on the left. You can also find quick tabs for favorite, online, and new members at the bottom.

Since the majority of members use their devices to find matches, the site went an extra length to provide the best matchmaking experience you can expect. Using the app is quite simple, and the interface offers a high level of consistency across all platforms. 

The app is as responsive as the website, so you’ll have no trouble finding everything than you need with ease. The only thing that the app doesn’t have, which is a bit of a downside, is the lack of that life-saving panic button. You’ll have to become an escape artist, but it’s manageable.

The Pricing

Premium memberships start from 3 months, and the pricing looks like this:

  • 3 Month – 149.97$
  • 6 Months – 239.94$
  • 12 Months – 359.88$

Payment options include paying by credit card. VictoriaMilan is a bit pricey. Still, when we take the fact that the majority of members here are sugar daddies and babies, we can safely say that the site is actually rather affordable for the range of premium services it offers. 

All special features here are designed to make your online secret dating as successful as possible. That has to count for something. A premium account gives you access to your Flirts, where you can view all the hottest photos of other members.

It’s Good For

If you’re looking for discreet online affairs with complete strangers, this site is for you. You can take your time and get to know the persons you’re into, or you can make things more interesting by getting all in. The site is mostly for committed and married people who are looking for discreet ways to catch a breather from their daily obligations and relationships. 

If you want to add some spice and everything nice to your love life, VictoriaMilan might just be the best way to do it. If you’re a sugar daddy or a sugar baby looking for some extra love on the side, this site is definitely for you.

It’s Bad For

This site is bad for people who are in long-term relationships and don’t want to spoil what they have. 

It’s also bad for those who don’t want to upgrade to premium to enjoy all the benefits this matchmaking service has to offer. Non-paying members have very limited options. 

Those who want to avoid using their credit cards on such sites should also avoid it as the payment options are limited.

Average User Rating

2.4 rating
2.4 out of 5 stars (based on 113 reviews)
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