10 Most Common Signs of Cheating in a Relationship for Women

Telling if your significant other is cheating isn’t the simplest thing in the world. You need to start paying attention to all the little details that are going on. Accusing someone of cheating can ruin a relationship, and you need to be sure of it before you pursue any other action.

If you’re looking to be entirely sure that your boyfriend is cheating on you, we’ve compiled a simple list of 10 things to watch out for. Watching out for these things and taking them into account is going to give you a better picture of your relationship status, and further give you the option to act on it.

You should never forgive a cheater. If someone cheats once, they’re going to cheat again; it’s only a matter of time. Perhaps you think that redemption isn’t impossible, but trust us when we say, a broken relationship can never be as good as it used to be. It’s all a game of intense intimacy, trust, and love, and once that’s broken, there is no going back.

So, with that out of the way, let’s get into the tips themselves. Watch out for these things when you’re suspicious of your SO. Remember, be cool. You don’t want to act on something that might not be true. If you’re going to end the relationship or accuse your SO of cheating, make sure that you know it for a fact. 

Social Media Signs

You’re living in the 21st century, and you most likely have an account on one or more social media networks. Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and other platforms are all a part of our daily lives, and they can tell quite a lot about a relationship.

Lives are, well, virtual these days. You can quickly tell where your SO is and what they are doing. Based on this, you could deduct what is going on. If he is hanging out with shifty females that you haven’t seen before and is lying to you about his whereabouts, you have a good, clear point of view.

He might not be cheating on you, and this is not enough evidence to accuse him. If he seems a little too intimate with someone, you might want to inquire about it. If he is shady, shifty, and seems scared of the response, you might be a victim of cheating.

Be careful, though; you might not know all the details. Make sure you have gathered some significant evidence before accusing, as you could be wrong in your assumption. That shouldn’t be a dealbreaker, but definitely should give you a heads up. 

Bad Sex

Sexual Signs

Is your sex life deteriorating in some way? Perhaps your partner is cheating on you. One of the most noticeable things about a partner who is having an affair is an infrequent and odd sexual life.

If you have been entirely sexually satisfied with your love life in the past, and are noticing that things have drastically changed, you might have a cheater as a significant other. That certainly doesn’t mean that your partner is cheating, but it should also give you a heads up.

If you’re having some trouble sexually, your partner is most likely going to have a strong reaction. You can tell a lot from this reaction, as men do not like to feel sexually inferior to their partners. If your boyfriend is suspiciously okay with your miserable sex life, that’s usually a telltale sign that he is cheating on you. 

Secretive Outings

If your partner is having some less than usual secretive outings, that might be a sign of an affair. Now, he might just be going out with his mates; there is nothing wrong with that. But if that were the case, he wouldn’t be as shifty talking about it, would he?

Of course not. Secret outings are a great way to tell if your partner is cheating on you. But don’t accuse him just yet. Combine this with the first step, and monitor him on his social media. Since most outings get posted there anyway, if he is lying, that’s an excellent way to tell if he is cheating.

Your partner might be a little bit careful about this whole ordeal and might block you from viewing his posts or Instagram stories. Make a dummy account to follow him and view any censored content. Now, that is a great way to stay in deep-cover, while monitoring your boyfriend closely. 

Men Dress Up

The Dress Up

Boyfriends aren’t known as the most stylish individuals unless you’re dating a male model. But, when men are looking to impress women, they tend to dress up a little bit for the occasion. If you see your boyfriend wearing some distinctively “dressy” clothes before going out, he might be cheating.

That entails button-up shirts, a particular cologne, and other things that aren’t that usual. Men, unlike women, dress up to impress women, not other men. That is an important thing to note. If your boyfriend got a brand new haircut and seems to be investing in his looks, while dodging you personally, that’s a great way to tell that he might not be the most faithful person around. 

Subtle Signs

There are a lot of subtle signs that your man is cheating on you that are not that obvious. Lipstick on his collar and female cologne on his shirt is a sure sign. But what about subtle signs? Well, there are a couple to keep in mind when you doubt your boyfriend’s faithfulness.

You need to know your boyfriend well before you assume any of these things. If he is wearing different clothes than usual and seems to be putting more effort into something that isn’t you, he might be cheating on you.

If your boyfriend is cheating, he is most likely going to remain secretive about the whole ordeal. Try to notice some more permanent but still relatively subtle changes. Change doesn’t always have to be wrong, but if it’s for the better, without any reason or purpose, a healthy amount of suspicion is still due.

A man is accusing his partner

The Accusing Game

It’s not me who is cheating; it’s you! If your boyfriend frequently accuses you of being unfaithful, he might be cheating on you. That is one of the best signs of cheating, and it’s deeply ingrained within human psychology.

People tend to project quite a lot, especially when they are doing something that they aren’t supposed to. When someone is cheating, they’re likely going to show a lot of shame and guilt. It will usually prompt them to accuse you of cheating.

If they seem more paranoid and suspicious than usual, they’re most likely more careful about their actions. Now, that raises suspicion in you, promptly giving you the assumption that they are cheating. It’s not that complicated. If you’re getting accused of cheating, don’t be surprised if you wind up cheated on. 

It also serves a psychological role, allowing your boyfriend to justify his efforts to cheat you out of a relationship. If your boyfriend can convince himself that you’re the one doing the cheating, it’s much easier to look at himself in the mirror. 

Secretive, Paranoid, or Cowering Behaviour

There is no reason to get all livid if your partner is acting a little bit strange. You can never honestly know a person until you’ve seen them in a hard situation, but a peculiar behavioral pattern might be a little grimmer than it seems.

People don’t have it that easy these days, so it’s not a farfetched assumption to think your partner might be going through some things. Always converse with your partner, whether you think he might be having an affair or not.

If your partner is hiding from you, or increasingly paranoid about your relationship, that might be a sign of cheating. People tend to cringe when they’re doing something wrong, so you need to watch out for that. Again, do not accuse your SO of cheating just yet. Make sure to find out all the facts before accusing anyone of anything. 

If you’re right in your assumptions and you’re the victim of a cheating bastard, now is an excellent time to become livid. 

They’re Very Irritable

That is usually a telltale sign that your boyfriend might be less than faithful. If your boyfriend seems to get irritated by the slightest of things, that means that there is something wrong with him. Some things don’t pass like they used to, and things that used to annoy now infuriate.

It is an excellent way to tell if something is going less than smoothly; it can mean quite a lot of different things, though, and can give you a good idea that something is wrong. You should always converse about these things before assuming the worst, as your boyfriend might just be going through something.

If he seems to be going through an affair, though, you should reprimand it without mercy. 

A Young Woman Disappearing in a Dark

Disappearing People

If your boyfriend was telling you about a certain someone all of the time, and they have mysteriously disappeared from conversation, that might be a good sign that they are in a more intimate ordeal. If Jen from work has become “who?”, Jen might be a little bit closer than you would want her to be.

Ask the SO about this issue. If he used to mention someone all the time and they haven’t mentioned them in a while, ask how they’re doing. That will give you a reaction that you can base your further estimates on. If the response seems a little bit shocked or suspicious, the person in question might be your SO’s affair. 


If your SO is cheating on you, they might be overcompensating for it by taking you out to lavish dates, throwing lavish parties, and all in all, being very usual. Do not take a good guest like this as a sign of cheating, of course, but wonder why.

If there is no discernible reason why you’re getting treated like a princess, your boyfriend might be cheating on you. That is a method of compensating, as they’re most likely riddled with guilt and similar feelings. Now, it’s a way for them to “pay off” their dues to you. Be wary, but don’t be aggressive.

You might just be getting special treatment because you’re unique. 


In conclusion, all of these are signs of eventual cheating. Just because your boyfriend seems a little bit uneasy or he is spending more on his looks doesn’t mean that he is automatically having an affair.

If you doubt the faithfulness of your partner, you should always discuss this with them. This will either out them as a cheater, or give you peace of mind. You should never remain silent about topics like this, and if you don’t face them outright, they can wind up giving you a nightmare of a time.

Sometimes, you’re right in your cheating assumption. We don’t recommend you dump him, but we recommend that you drop him. A cheating relationship can never truly and fully recover, so you have to cut it in its roots.

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