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Find New Passion Reviews: A Terrible Affair Dating Website

There is a dating website for everyone, and there is a dating website for everything. If you’re looking for a hot new affair dating experience, you can find a lot of sites to help you out. But not all dating websites were made equal. The worst issues that a dating website can suffer from are low memberships, no security features, and a weak community. Coincidentally, all of these things are entirely present when we’re discussing today’s topic,

FindNewPassion is genuinely a horrible website that no one can benefit from, no matter how hard they try. If you’re looking for an excellent affair relationship, you’re much more likely going to find it if you ask your spouse rather than using this website.

Yes, it’s that horrible. It suffers from a myriad of control and navigation issues, combined with fake profiles. To be quite honest, we’re not entirely sure if this is a legitimate dating website or not. All members we’ve interacted with were fake, but we’re going to get into that a little bit later in this article. 

This in-depth review is going to tell you all about this terrible website in all honesty. We’re in no way sponsored by any of the competition. We are not writing this out of a personal vendetta. Read below and find out why you should avoid FindNewPassion like the plague. 

FindNewPassion — A Brief Summary

FindNewPassion claims to be an affair dating website, without actually providing any of the desirable affair dating features. What this website does provide is faulty interfaces, bot profiles, and outright scamming danger. Our review is going to honestly state the pros and cons of using this website, the first of which is non-existent. 

Faulty security features are far from a desirable trait when it comes to online dating. Your dating life is undoubtedly going to suffer if you even attempt to use this website, and you can kiss your marriage or relationship goodbye.

This website is so fundamentally broken that it’s a complete mystery how someone would allow this to exist. It exists solely to scam hard-working individuals out of their hard-earned money. Do not let this website scam you. You’re in for a world of hurt if you use a fake tool like this.

It has absolutely no real affair potential from it, aside from fake profiles and bots. If chatting with a bot is your sense of a pleasant affair, perhaps find a chatbot. It’s much less likely to take your money and run away with it.  

The Laughable Sign Up Process

Signing up to any dating website should be simple, streamlined, and straightforward. When it comes to the signup process of FindNewPassion, it’s outright confusing. 

Instead of presenting you with a quick sign up sheet and asking more detailed questions later in the signup process, FindNewPassion confuses you with a wall of text that has some pretty sensitive issues. 

Your username, password, and email address aren’t the only thing that this website demands from you upon signup. Not everyone wants to surrender any more additional information, as any possible data leak could ruin lives.

Combine the sensitive questions with the faulty security features, and you have a recipe for disaster. This whole website is one big disaster, and after finishing the annoying signup process and paying way too much for a membership, we got to mingling.

When we made our stupidly detailed profile, we’ve decided to message a lot of individuals that seemed like hot dates. All of our expectations were ruined after sending over 300 messages over a two month period, as all we got was automatic replies. We’re not trying to report a fault with your brand new iPhone; we’re trying to get an affair here.

The whole process was extremely disappointing and annoying, and what we got out of it was: 

  • 130+ bot replies
  • No chat sessions aside from further automatic replies
  • Horrible photoshop in the pictures of our “affairs.”
  • No Affairs whatsoever

Have we mentioned that all of the pictures of the people we found on this website were also suspiciously shady? If we got one good thing from using this absolute steaming pile of garbage, it was an abundance of laughs from the profile pictures of these users.

Most of them aren’t only poorly photoshopped; they’re the same picture. You’re not only going to get scammed out of your money by bots and scammers on this website, as the price is absolute extortion!

The design of the website is quirky and not in the right way. The design is such a hot mess that we’ve decided to give it a whole section in our review, which you can find below. 

The Money Problem

If you are in the habit of bad monetary decisions, you’re going to love this website. Not only is it dangerously expensive, but it is going to try its best to milk out as much money as it can from you. If you don’t wind up getting robbed by the bots on this website, the website itself is going to rob you.

We don’t mind paying for a dating website. A dating website should be a potent tool that is going to get us what we want, which in this case is a super hot affair. When you’re paying for this website, you’re not paying for features, safety, or any fun. You’re paying for a scam operation and the ability to chat with poorly designed bots. 

The prices are as follows: 

1 Month – 20$

The first red flag about the price is that there is only one option. Don’t get us wrong; 20$ is not a lot of money for a dating website. But 20$ is quite a substantial amount for this scam.  

The “Features” of FindNewPassion

Ah yes, the features, or in this case, the lack thereof. The website in question has quite a lot of different elements, none of which are either useful or good looking.

The main feature of this website is its outdated design, which has seen it was the last update in 2015. It’s even pathetic looking for those standards, but we digress.

The full list of “features” that this website offers is as follows: 

Search. The search function is the most basic excuse for such a feature. It’s not even capable of defining clear filters and is stupidly plain in its design. It will, on the other hand, let you roam the vast amount of fake profiles so that you can have a little laugh.

Profile Creation. The profile creation process on any dating website should be one of its main features. A right profile creation tool allows you to create a good profile, which consists of all the essential information. The patterns on this website aren’t only empty because they’re bots; they’re empty because the profile creation tool is a simple piece of hot-garbage. 

Chat. The chat feature is perhaps the only useful thing about this website. It’s fabulous at allowing you to send replies to botted messages.

App. The app is so terrible that we have decided to give it a whole subsection, which you can find a little bit later in the article. It’s mesmerizing that the app somehow may be worse than the website. 

Negative Features

Unlike the positive features of FindNewPassion, the negative features are as simple as pie to find. To be quite honest, this website has so many faults and negative traits that we simply couldn’t catalog it all. Some are more significant than others, and the most significant disadvantages of using this website were discussed in their subsections.

The minor flaws of this website are only small in comparison to the features. The weaknesses of this website are ample and abundant, so abundant in fact that we couldn’t list all of them, or this article would start to look like the dictionary. We’ve decided to split them up into three subcategories, all of which represent the more significant faults of this website. 

1. The Absolute Lack Of Any Redeeming Features

We can’t express enough that there are no redeeming features of this website. We would end it at this if this website weren’t so repulsively lacking in features. The search function that is on the website is extremely lacking in any complexity.

The messaging function is also dangerously primitive, even if it does work. All it does is allow you to connect to bots, all of which will more often than not give you the same reply and message. 

2. Horrible, Terrible Design

When we said the website was confusing in its design, we were not kidding. There are just so many things that are wrong with this website that it’s downright shameful. The interface is extremely complicated to use, and most of the GUI features are useless.

You can’t even use the signup sheet without getting lost. This nightmarish design makes the website irredeemably damaged and virtually useless. The design is perhaps one of the main deterrents that chase any affair potential away from this website. 

3. An Empty Void Where a Community Should Be

When we say that there is no one using this website, we meant that no one was using this website. The site seems to be utterly devoid of any real-life members, and abundant in bots. The scammer issue isn’t even that much of a problem on this website; even the scammers avoid it. 

Scammers are not the only danger that seems to lurk on poorly protected dating websites, and that brings us to our next point, which is:

The Security Features and the Lack Thereof 

Now, this brings us to the lack of security features that are put in place when it comes to FindNewPassion. When a regular website is concerned, one that only asks you for your username, password, and email address, a lack of a bulletproof security standard isn’t that much of a red flag.

The red flags on this website are only amplified by the sheer and absolute lack of any security or encryption standard. An encryption standard is put in place on sites like these to protect your identity in case of a data leak or breach.

The data breaches on this website are legitimate, and it’s not a stretch of the imagination that a data leak is going to occur. When it comes to a data leak on an AFFAIR dating website, the data is perhaps the most sensitive piece of information that the site has.

The problem with this is that the information that this website requires from you is abundant and extremely sensitive. When you provide this information, you expect it to be held to particular importance.

FindNewPassion doesn’t value your information, and that is why it leaves it unprotected. This allows hackers and other people with malicious intent to gather your information for any wrongdoing. This can either be for blackmailing or exploiting and publicizing your affair dating efforts. This can be a horrible thing. We can’t press this enough; stay far, far away from this website. 

The “App”

The horrible photoshop on this website isn’t the only thing that gave us a couple of laughs. This website promises to provide you with a powerful application that will help you take all of your dating needs on the go. 

Unlike previous security concerns, this app is entirely harmless. If you have a positive view on this tragic website, you’re going to have a couple of laughs about this app as well.

The app is not available on any of the stores, automatically meaning that it is not reliable. Its design is laughable and is going to get you nowhere.

A good dating app should allow you to match potential affairs geographically. Since absolutely no one is using this website, the geo-matching feature isn’t working. The app crashes about five times in a single minute and seems to be lagging when it’s not hitting.

The visuals of the website seem broken and dated but are absolutely nothing in comparison to the design of the FindNewPassion application. The application is looking, and it doesn’t have anything to offer in terms of quality. It’s dull, simple, and stupid. 

Wrapping It Up

To wrap this hot mess up, it’s a horrible website that you should not be wasting any time on. It’s not even filled with scammers; it’s a complete waste of everyone’s time. The only things that are located on this website are faulty and stupid features and an ample amount of bots.

If you’re into spending 20 dollars a month on a steaming pile of garbage, you’re going to love this website. You are much more likely going to get an affair if you throw your money out of the window than you are if you pay for this website.

The lack of scammers does absolutely nothing to help that this website is one huge security issue. The absolute lack of encryption and moderators is going to be a haven for hackers who might ruin your life faster than you can say affair. For an affair website, this one is particularly looking nosy.  

FindNewPassion — The Final Verdict

There are a couple of issues that we are willing to forgive when it comes to an online dating website. The sheer amount of topics that this website suffers from is completely irredeemable, and we couldn’t seem to find one good thing about this website. Trust us; we did our best. 

The only thing that you will be getting with a website like this is a couple of tragically cheap laughs at the bots, faults, and design. If you hold any value to your money and dating efforts, or if you’re looking to find an affair, you’re going to want to avoid this website.

There are a lot of different online affair websites that are going to knock your socks off. If you’re looking for a site like this, you should give top affair dating sites a go; and avoid this one like the plague.

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