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Lack of active members, the user database is very small, lots of fake profiles, the list goes on. We don’t take kindly to dating sites that fool their members into believing they are something they’re not. This review will go a few steps further from just saying that you shouldn’t sign up for Affair Dating. We want to make sure our readers only sign up for the best and most reliable dating sites.

First of all, this site here is a complete waste of your time. You can’t do anything for free, and if you upgrade to a paid membership, you’ll get zero return to your investment. 

While the site states that there are plenty of active female members that can send messages to men for free, that simply does not happen. 

In fact, paid members don’t get anything for paying a membership. No affairs, no fun at all, not even connections with other members. Read on to see why you should avoid this dating site. — The Summary

Affair Dating is one of those cheating sites where people can go and find affairs. While this sounds good, we have to mention right away that this site will go to great lengths just to get to your money. Although you can register for free, the site doesn’t allow you to do much without an upgrade. 

That means that you’ll constantly see the offer to become a premium member, so much that it becomes pretty annoying. Then, the site is simply telling lies to squeeze you in for some extra cash in any way possible. 

If you still want to give this site a go, we advise that you take extra measures of precaution because the site might be disclosing your personal information too. The site uses many scamming mechanisms, and we’ll discuss them too in this review. We just want to make sure our readers don’t get ripped off.

Signing up

It’s not hard to join the site as the registration process is quite easy and simple. Just provide your personal information, including your password, email, postal code, birth date, and gender, and you’re in. The registration process is probably that simple to get more people signing up.

Once you’re in, that’s where the action starts. You can’t make more than two moves before the site starts convincing you that you should upgrade to a full membership. 

They even interlinked all their pages with the payment page so that you can’t see any of the links without being transferred to the payment page.

You can’t receive, send or read messages without upgrading. While this is totally fine as married dating sites make a living off their memberships, the problem is that you don’t get much for paying a full membership. We tried to pay a three-month membership, and this is what we got:

  • We sent over 600 messages
  • Only 116 messages received
  • 2 chat sessions
  • 0 affairs
  • 0 dates

So, a leading cheating dating site that claims to be one of the best, most reliable and successful married dating sites on the net, pretty much gave us nothing for being members for three months. 

While this alone isn’t that bad by itself, the fact that none of the 116 messages we received were real was simply too much.

Some of these messages were sent to us before we upgraded, which was the reason we decided to do it in the first place. Since you can’t reply without paying, we tried upgrading to be able to send replies. We sent our replies but never got anything back. 

This led us to explore the profiles of supposed members in question, only to realize the profiles were fake. We had a total of two chats over a period of three months. Both conversations were with females, not so attractive or near our location.


This site is a dating scam, plain and simple. We went through the terms of use just to see what we were dealing with. So, the first thing new members will see will be the pricing. Becoming a free member allows you to sign up and create a profile, but that’s it. 

Paid memberships look like this:

  • 1 month — $29.95
  • 3 months — $59.95

If you have already signed up, make sure you don’t fall for the scams that the site tries to push on through. Features

Since you have to pay to use any of the features to actually find an affair, let’s delve deeper into what feature this site offers:

  • Search — use the search filter to find dates based on zip code, new members and location.
  • Online now — check who’s online and available.
  • Mail — the site allows you to check your email while looking for dates.
  • Chat — only for paid members.
  • Activity — the activity page lets you know who has interacted with your profile.
  • My account — update your profile, add photos and videos and more.
  • Live cams — this feature allows you to watch sexy live cam shows from female members, but since there are none, it’s a waste of time and money.

Negative Features

Aside from not getting anything in return for your paid membership, the site goes even further in deceiving the members. We divided negative features into three sections to make things clearer and more understandable. These are the three worst things about this supposed married dating site.

1. No hot and horny women awaiting new members

There are hardly any women, if any at all, on this site. The site states that new members will get great opportunities to go out on discreet dates with hot and horny women. This is just to lure online visitors in and make them pay for memberships. 

You won’t find any women here, or at least not the real ones. Almost all profiles are fakes. This alone makes Affair Dating a complete waste of your money, time, and effort. Also, it’s important to note that some of the messages we received were exactly the same. 

2. The site doesn’t value your discretion and privacy

Another lie. Aside from sharing disinformation and being scammy, the site is also a danger to all who visit it. New members will be required to leave some personal details. Although these are pretty basic details, they are personal information. 

When it comes to affair dating sites, they are intended for cheating and married people. These people value their privacy and discretion above anything else. Well, we have discovered that Affair Dating sells your personal information to third parties.

3. The mobile app doesn’t work

This site excels at disappointing the members in all sorts of different ways. Most married people prefer using married dating and cheating sites on their devices because that’s one of the best ways to make sure their partners never find out. 

Well, Affair Dating mobile app isn’t working. Married people usually find affairs using affair dating sites and the mobile support these sites offer. It’s convenient while on the go. 

But you can’t use the site’s services if the mobile app doesn’t work. For many married people, mobile cheating is the only way to find affairs and set updates. 

Upgrading Isn’t Worthwhile

The best way to prove that this site is a fake, scam, and whatnot is the fact that you start receiving emails from other members the moment you’ve created your profile. 

So, you didn’t even upload a photo, but you get emails from alleged hot and horny babes who never even saw your photo. 

That alone is enough to see that something is very wrong here. These emails are how the site is trying to hook you up to pay for a membership. The emails you receive tell you only the subject line and who the sender is. You can’t read your mail unless you upgrade. 

The only way to upgrade is by purchasing a paid membership. See the deal here? This is a clear cause for alarm, and the only proof you need to see that this married dating is nothing more than a scam and a rip-off. 

While we totally understand that the majority of dating sites force members to upgrade to reply or send messages, no site forces you to pay to read your messages. 

That aside, it simply doesn’t add up that hot, horny, and gorgeous women would send messages to complete strangers who don’t even have a single photo on their profiles or a single detail about themselves. 

The truth is that it wasn’t real women who sent those emails. Those emails are just automated messages sent to tease you into believing that this site actually works. For some people, these messages are enough to pay for memberships without even thinking it through. 

All these reasons are enough for us to say that upgrading isn’t worth your time, effort, and money, in our honest opinion.

Fake Profiles

There’s another huge reason not to subscribe: almost all female profiles are fake. There are no real women here, except for a few rare cases. 

As we said, the emails new members receive are computer-automated. The supposed ladies sending those messages aren’t real, nor are their profiles.

The site just makes you believe that there are thousands of hot and horny women just waiting for you to start a hot and sexy affair, but the reality is completely the other way around. The profiles are fake, which makes upgrading to a premium membership a complete waste of not only your money but your time as well. 

You can find clear evidence that all our claims are true by going over to the terms and conditions of use section. There it says that the site creates user profiles and encourages customer support to initiate conversation between members. 

You don’t have to be Einstein to conclude that this site is nothing more than a fraud. You won’t find any dates or affairs here. The site’s only goal is to get you to pay for a premium membership, and that’s it. 

The site uses instant messages to simulate conversations in order to help members find perfect matches. In reality, you should read between the lines. The site just wants your money; they aren’t really a dating site at all.

Wrapping It Up

To cut a long story short, Affair Dating is nothing more than a scam and a rip-off. Fake profiles, links to pages that only lead to the membership payment page, automated messages, and site-generated user profiles. 

More importantly, complete lack of awareness when it comes to privacy and discretion should be enough reasons for you to avoid this dating site. 

This site doesn’t gather real people at all. You won’t find anything here but being short of what you paid for a membership. On top of all that, you risk your personal information falling into the hands of third parties and getting caught by your wife/husband. 

The mobile app doesn’t work either. It’s a complete waste of your time and money. — The Final Verdict

Computer-generated instant messages, phony emails, fake profiles… Not so much, to begin with, to be honest. We suggest our readers avoid Affair Dating at all costs, as this site is everything but what it claims to be.

The only thing this site wants is your money. You won’t get anything in return, nor will you find a date. This is nothing but a scam for people who are desperately looking for an affair on the side. What they’ll get are money losses and a broken marriage. 

If you really want to check out married dating sites, we suggest that you try with the top affair dating sites that actually work and give results. These sites actually provide the services that you’re looking for.

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