13 Affair Dating Sites For Cheating And Married People In 2020

In this modern age marriage as we know, it has almost completely disappeared. One of the reasons for this is that people have a choice, and it’s no longer a taboo to get a divorce even at an older age. It’s estimated that around 50% of marriages in the US end up in a divorce.

On the other hand, dysfunctional marriages that do carry on usually leave both partners miserable. If you are in this kind of marriage, but you don’t want to get divorced because of your kids or for any other reason, maybe you should consider satisfying our needs elsewhere.

In a lot of situations, this can actually be helpful and repair your marriage. Getting this positive energy can reflect on your relationship and make it easier to fix things. But where to start? You’ve been out of the game for a long time, and dating isn’t that easy no more.

Don’t worry! Today, we are going to give you some top affair dating site suggestions. At the same time, we will talk about the sites you should avoid, as you might come across them as well.

7 Affair Dating Sites We Recommend

AshleyMadison Landing Background




Here we have one of the largest brands in the married dating industry. Ashley Madison was the first one of its kind when it started in 2001, and before that affair dating sites didn’t exist. It’s one of the most popular sites of its kind, and for many people, it’s one of the first cheating sites they tried out.

Ashley Madison gets new members every day, including both couples and singles. At the moment, the site counts around 65 million monthly visits. It’s a judgment-free and discreet platform that ensures privacy to all of its members. It comes with various privacy features available to all users and doesn’t require signing up through social media.

Ashley Madison is an excellent site for finding affairs, +1 for couples, hookups, or simply flirting. It’s also a perfect site for putting yourself on the affair map and getting in touch with people that are looking for similar things as you.

HeatedAffairs Background




Heated Affairs is designed in such a way that users can literally hide all their activity if they want – nobody has to know what you’re doing. This platform is all about secrecy and making sure that your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend won’t find out that you are looking for affairs.

Heated Affairs has around 48 million active members, which is a fair amount, and there are always other people you can get in touch with. It’s a diverse site where you can find single men or women, married people, groups, couples, gay, straight, or any other adventure you’re looking for.

VictoriaMilan Background Small Image




Many people often fantasize about having an affair but never find the courage to actually do it. They are afraid of rejection and many other things. Well, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can make things much better, faster, and efficient with the right dating site in your hands. 

VictoriaMilan is exactly that, the matchmaking tool that allows you to indulge in the hottest, wildest, and sexiest fantasies you’ve ever allowed yourself to have. This is a perfect dating tool for cheating partners and married people. It’s a straightforward platform with a quick and easy registration process and a vast population.

The platform has a reliable and reputable history, which is one more reason to give it a try. Let’s find out if this site has what you need. This review will help you find out if this is the right platform for you.

IllicitEncounters Umbrella




Illicit Encounters or IE, is the largest married dating site in the United Kingdom. It’s been operating since 2003, and it has built a community of over 1.5 active members. Of the total number of members, 96% of them come from the UK, and this shows why it’s the largest of its kind.

All of the members are real, and the platform has a lot of activity. The sex ratio on Illicit Encounters is 55% men to 45% women, which is a good balance – most sites are dominated by male users. 

Users can create their profiles for free, add photos, browse the database, send kisses, and answer to messages sent by other users. Female users can even initiate communication and answer incoming messages for free.

Gleeden Background




Gleeden was explicitly created for women, but men can also get what they are looking for on this platform. It’s owned and managed by a group of women as well. It offers a lot of security, quality, and privacy-focused primarily on women.

It’s made for women who are tired of having to satisfy one guy constantly and want to find something that will get them out of their regular routine. If you want to get that adrenaline rush and feel like you are missing some adventure in your life, than Gleeden might be the right place for you.

All women can join and use the platform for free. On the other hand, men who want to join Gleeden need to pay their fees and go through a strict screening process. This guarantees access only to charming and fine men who will treat women right as this is the policy of the platform.

HornyWife Small




Horny Wife resembles amateur porn sites when it comes to content. Members showcase full nude images, videos, and even sexual footage. Members can send messages instantly, chat through video, or send email messages.

This platform is a very interactive platform where people can approach each other in many different ways and establish their relationships. It comes with a lot of different features, but around half of them are limited to free users. Still, free members can use the platform successfully, as there are a lot of active users.

The site also has live webcam streams of users, adult chatrooms, dating similar to Tinder, sex courses, and much more. It’s one of the most versatile affairs dating sites, and you should visit it to learn more about its features.

FirstAffair Background




First Affair is great for people who want to date without any strings attached or for married dating. It’s one of those affair dating sites that aren’t marketed that way but offers a lot of these kinds of options. On this dating service, members can decide to make their photos public and visibly to people who they trust, and not just anyone.

It offers quality communication features like secure calling, instant messaging, or email communication. This is one of the largest affair dating sites in Germany, with around 90% of users coming from that country. However, a lot of users also come from other European countries, predominantly from France.

Many people compare First Affair to Ashley Madison, only on a European level. Still, the platform is rapidly gaining members from the UK and the US, and the site is really accessible in several different languages.

6 Affair Dating Sites We Don’t Recommend

AffairDating Background


Affair Dating is a typical example of cheating sites that make false promises and don’t deliver anything to their users. The first thing that we noticed on this site is that we got fake emails from supposed members. These mails spam you to make it look like there are a lot of active women on the site looking to hook up.

However, when you try to click on these emails or figure out who the members are, you won’t be able to see any information. If you want to read the full message, you will be asked to join the site for a fee. For our review, we even paid for the membership on this site and subscribed. The results were pretty much the ones we expected.

The site itself has a terms of service section, which states that they will send users bogus messages or emails from time to time. When they say from time to time, they mean every day. When we joined the platform, we could hardly find any real members, and all the profiles were generic. Stay away from this scam site.

GetAnAffair Background


We found a lot of different ads online that recommended Get An Affair and decided to check it out. However, after we registered on the site and created a profile, we soon realized that this is another scam site. In just a short period, we received dozens of “messages” from female members. When this happens, you simply know there’s something wrong with the site.

However, if you want to read these messages, you will have to upgrade your membership and pay the subscription. Get an Affair takes the whole thing on another level. Not only do they try to trick male members with fake messages, but also with fake female profiles that are supposedly looking at their profiles.

Free users get notifications of supposed female profiles browsing them. However, when you try to communicate with them, the platform also sends you to the registration page. All the profiles use fake photos, which are quite repetitive and are obviously ripped off from somewhere else.

MaritalAffair Background


Marital Affair is one of those cheating sites where Marital Affairs don’t happen ever. No, this is not another typical site with fake profiles, and the members here are real. Too real, I might add. What’s the problem, you ask? First of all, this site is advertised as an affair dating site that is primarily focused on men but can be used by women as well.

No problem there, right? Wrong. When you create a male profile on this site and start talking to women, naturally, you are looking to get action on the side. However, you quickly realize that the women on this site aren’t looking for some quick action but looking for married men that will marry them!

Crazy right? Most of the women here will stalk men, lie to them, and try to manipulate them into becoming their sponsors, boyfriends, or even husbands! You have to work hard to find a woman who wants to have a nice clean affair with no strings attached.

FindNewPassion Background


Find New Passion is probably one of the worst ones on our list. First of all, when you want to join the website, you instantly see that the owners of this site are looking to take advantage of their users (and not in a good way). Luckily, when I knew what kind of reputation this site had, and we used an email owned by no one.

First of all, when joining this married dating site, you will be asked to give extensive personal information, which is completely opposite to what anyone is looking for from affair dating sites. The platform probably sells personal information to spammer and marketing agencies.

The fee for this platform seems reasonable, features, design, and so on. However, this site doesn’t seem to have a lot of real profiles, and in one week, I had several conversations that were real. During that same time, I had 0 dates and 0 affairs.

MarriedSecrets Small


Are you looking for sex on the side because your wife or husband isn’t giving you any? If you try to get it on Married Secrets, you will be better of waiting for your spouse. This site seems fairly unsafe, disgusting, and a pure waste of time. It looks decent, but its design is weird, and the way it works is shady.

Messages disappear, glitch, or bug out for no reason! You will be wondering whether someone sent anything and if you even talked to someone on this site. Furthermore, the profiles seem to be fake, and you will probably be talking to some dudes sitting on a computer somewhere in Asia and pretending to be women.

HushAffair Couple


Hush Affair is one of the most obvious scamming sites. We weren’t even mad at these scammers because everything about this platform is hilarious. First of all, when you open the site, you see funny images along with some cringe messages that seem like a 5-year-old wrote them.

The whole website seems juvenile, but we still gave it a shot. We sent over 100 messages to girls, and the response was pretty bad. Even the women who replied were very underwhelming. This isn’t a site for married dating – it’s for teenagers or couples who would like to flirt a bit, pathetic.