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Married Secrets Reviews: A Dangerous and Disappointing Website

MarriedSecrets is a website that somehow manages to have all of these issues wrapped one within one terrible, vile, horrid “dating service”. You’re far more likely to get an affair by asking your mother in law than you’re going to form a website like this.

You expect to find a lot of issues with a lower end dating service like this one. But no one could expect the myriad of the problems that we had experienced when we visited this website. When you’re looking to get an affair of all things on the internet, you at least want to have the safety standard that you expect.

That, and many more things, is lacking when we talk about If we were to list the full negative features, this article would wind up being longer than the bible. So we’ve decided to give this website a full, in-depth, comprehensive review. To cut a long story short, avoid MarriedSecrets. 

A Brief Preview of MarriedSecrets

The first thing that you see when you visit this website is a design that seems to predate even the most primitive days of the internet. While it’s not precisely only text, the pictures on it are extremely deplorable.

When you’re on a dating website, you expect a scene of class, poise, discretion, honesty for god’s sake! Sadly, when you’re visiting this website, you’re only met with a poorly photoshopped GUI interface, which is going to anger even the most ancient users. 

A website like this should reap confidence within its member base, but this one inspires terror. It’s letting you know that this is a shady service from the get-go, evident by the laughably bad graphics, grammar errors, and false, unquoted testimonials from the “super genuine and real members.”

And all these things don’t come cheap. If you’re looking to waste your money and your precious time, MarriedSecrets is here to rob you of both! We will discuss the shameful price later in the article, as it’s so dull that we’ve dedicated a whole section to it. 

When you’re looking for an affair, you want the best discretion that the internet has to offer. High-end encryption, a vigilant moderator team, and a vetting system have all missed the MarriedSecrets. It’s not only a looking website, but it’s also an outright safety hazard.

But this website is sure to promise these things. One of the first claims that the front page makes is that you’re guaranteed to find a date, and that discretion is guaranteed. An absolute lack of any security features states otherwise. 

The Extremely Laborious Signup

The signup process is going to either make you cry tears of laughter or absolute sorrow. There is nothing redeemable about this sign up process, as it’s the most primitive and dysfunctional thing that is on this website.

The disappointment of this signup process starts with the simple graphics themselves. There is absolutely nothing wrong with simplicity in a signup process, but this website seems to have got it so wrong. It’s not that it asks a lot of questions; it’s very basic in its design.

Step 1

The simple design is a drop-down menu of your gender, age, preference, and a confusing mile-state distance ratio. It is absolutely revolting and properly dysfunctional. 

This website is only for adults, so we would understand that the minimum age to sign up would be either 18 or 21. This website somehow absolutely missed this, and you can’t pick an age below 27. It also asks you to confirm that you’re over 18 on three different occasions!

This age is mind-boggling. No state or law prohibits users with less than 27 years of age to use an affair dating website, but we digress. It’s completely dull, and all of the options on this website are riddled with spelling errors, inconsistent capitalizations, and horrible graphics.

Set the age issue aside; this website comes fundamentally broken beyond measure ─ that it decided our zip code wasn’t valid. When we tried to add another zip code just to get through the registration process, it was enough for us to notice that the state of California doesn’t even exist on the map. 

What a pristine dating service. We managed to bypass this on our tenth attempt, and we got the location way off as a result. 

The signup process is dull, boring, and outright stupid. This affair website allows you to make a profile as a couple. Now, it would make absolute sense on a regular dating website or even a swinger niche website but makes absolutely no sense on an AFFAIR dating website.

Step 2

After filling out all of the information that this website asks of you, you will be brought to the second step of the registration. Did you think all of your misery was over? Think again.

On this second page of the registration process, you’re going to experience a myriad of questions. None of these are even supported by bad photoshop; they’re just cold hard text on a white sheet. 

It won’t ask you for your credit card outright, but it will ask you to write your email, username, and password twice. It is a sign of the primitivity of this website, as any more sophisticated website would redline any inconsistency. 

Step 3

Then you’re brought to the third page of the signup process. We’re not going to waste your time with anticipation; there is a fourth. In the third step, you will have to fill out some additional details. 

It’s a profile design tool. We’re not sure about that fact, as this website is so fundamentally broken and baffling, that managing anything is an absolute technicolor nightmare. 

The third step will make you repeat most of the information you’ve given in the first and second steps, which makes the whole process up to now completely obsolete. Funnily enough, it decided to notify us yet again that the previously working zip code was invalid, meaning that now even Washington doesn’t exist. 

We wound up registering by a Detroit zip code, also when we were on the other side of the country. As far as we have tried, Detroit is the only thing that works.

Step 4

The fourth and final step of this registration process is email confirmation. After you’re done with that, your sign up nightmare is over. 

This whole sign up process from start to finish took us about 20 minutes. We weren’t kidding when we said this, as the emailing service of this website is either manual or completely broken. 

The Cost and Value of MarriedSecrets

Alright, you’ve finished the signup process, and it wasn’t smooth at all. When you’re done with it, you expect to get into the mingling in a short and timely manner. Then you will discover that absolutely nothing can be done without a subscription, so you decide to throw your money in the garbage disposal and pay for this website.

Well, you’re going to be surprised when the fee comes. This website isn’t just expensive for what it is, which is a pile of garbage; it’s an outright highway robbery.

The full pricing of this website goes:

  • 1 Month – $49.95 
  • 3 Months – $79.95  
  • 6 Months – $120.00

Fifty dollars for a month’s worth of membership on this website is an absolute joke. Not even the most esteemed names in the game charge a fraction of that cost, and they offer something valuable. The only thing that this website has to offer is a lack of anything ─ and an abundance of bots and sign up sheets.

It is an absolute joke and should deter you from this website. If the signup process hasn’t already chased you away, the price surely is going to.

But for the sake of the global affair community, we were diligent in our mission to see what this website offers. Perhaps the charm wasn’t there for us, and the actual utility of this website is much higher than we think. We were disgusted yet somewhat relieved to find out that we were entirely right in our assumption that this website is altogether horrible. 

The value of this website is null. We wouldn’t even use it if it were free, or if the administrator team paid us. The hassle, the annoyance, and the major devastation of this website aren’t only good at taking our valuable time; it’s good at giving us a nasty headache. 

The “Features” 

It’s customary to include a features page in a dating website review. It is going to give you an accurate and honest representation of what you can expect from a website like this. Wehn affair websites are in question; there should be an abundance of features; a lot of them related to either communication or safety.

Affairs are a tricky business, and to get them right, you have to know what you’re doing. The designers of this website had no idea what they were doing since they provided absolutely no redeeming features on this website.

You’re not even going to get a proper chat function, as the chat features are broken just like the rest of the website. You can find members through the search feature, but all of them look as genuine as the website itself.

Disappearing Messages

The second issue that we encountered with this website is that the messages we sent and received from our profiles tended to disappear. We’re not joking, all of the words we sent and a couple of fake conversations we’ve held on this website completely went after a while.

Nothing in terms of service or the privacy policy of this website lists that conversations are going to disappear. Some of them tended to disappear after an hour, while others lasted for days. This is mind-boggling, but we think that we came down to the explanation.

Most likely, all of the messages are being removed due to liability issues. Since all the words we got and all the replies were automatic bot messages shelling out some shady service, perhaps the website automatically deletes them to avoid any legal pursuit. 

This is either a designed website or an outright extortion racket. The lack of security features is very prevalent, as there is no discernable moderators, anti-leak protection, or encryption whatsoever.

The Many, Many Dangers on MarriedSecrets

We’ve decided to split the disadvantages up into bullet points, for better readability.

  • No encryption, safety, or moderator presence
  • Reports of shady individuals
  • Reports of scammers and blackmailers
  • A lot of automated bots
  • Horrible design
  • Hard to navigate
  • Ugly and nonfunctional signup process
  • Bizzare rules
  • No data protection put in place
  • Bizzare messaging
  • No features
  • No working communication
  • No Affair dates
  • No Affair potential
  • Possibly devoid of all non-scammer/bot activity 
  • No customer support
  • Excruciatingly expensive
  • May steal your credit card details
  • The possible data selling scheme — The Final Verdict 

If we were to have the option to go through this experience again and get paid a thousand dollars to do it, we wouldn’t even imagine it. The website is so broken, dysfunctional, and shady that it’s an absolute joke.

Absolutely no sensible individual would even consider using his terrible website, and neither should you. It’s a scam, but such a poorly designed scam that we honestly doubt anyone has fallen for it. 

No profiles, no members, no affair potential, no security, and no features are just the creme of the crop when it comes to this vile website. Even the worst sites on the internet have some functional aspects of them, but this one is entirely devoid of any. 

If you’re looking for the best dating websites on the market, perhaps you should give a more reliable website a shot. Stay away from MarriedSecrets if you value your time, money, and sanity — this website will have you banging your head against the wall. 

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