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Gleeden Reviews: A European Affair Dating Haven

Perhaps you're not satisfied financially, sexually, or in any other way. Well, you might have already guessed this, but it might be time to give the old' relationship a little spin. Spinning off isn't as easy as many people think, and many people who want something different don't want to let go of the security a stable relationship or marriage brings to the table.

This is why people opt to have an affair. Affairs have generally been shunned a lot, and people don't like them very much. They don't like cases that much only because they've never needed one. There are millions of different reasons why you would want an affair, and in this day and age, no one can blame you.

Perhaps your relationship isn't turning out the way you would like. Maybe the communication is gone, probably there is no warmth left. But you would still like to remain with that person. Whatever the reason for your upcoming affair might be, you want to be careful about the whole process.

If you want to leave your spouse or significant other, you can go down that route as well. If you're dead-set on having an affair, why not do it over the internet?

The internet is a much safer place than people make it out to be, and it is chock full of dating websites. Dating websites are the next logical step in the dating game and have made quite an impact on dating culture. Not only have they brought a whole lot of things into the fold, but they've also allowed for free expression.

Nothing is taboo anymore, and neither are affairs. If you're looking to have an unfaithful relationship over the internet, you might particularly fancy using an online affair website. One such great site is Gleeden. Gleeden is an online affair website, mostly based in Europe. It's most popular users are french, so if you're located anywhere in France, you're in for a real treat.



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The country of romance, wine, and pasta can’t be wrong if they have picked an affair website such as Gleeden. We’ve decided to test that theory out and have provided you with a thorough, in-depth review of the site itself. You can read all the information we’ve gathered below. 

What is Gleeden? Who is on Here?

As mentioned above, Gleeden is a dating website. It is a dating website that specializes in affairs, although it does support a little bit more freedom than other webpages. It’s renowned for its function, visuals, security, and members, all of which we’re going to get into a little bit later in this article.

When members are concerned, they’re the heartbeat of any functional website. Gleeden has quite a lot of members, 65% are based somewhere in France. If you’re located in any significant french place, you’re going to find an affair for yourself.

Gleeden isn’t only a niche, unknown part of the internet. It’s prevalent. Even if over 60% of the members are based in France, the website has a 4.5 million people population. This means that if you’re located in any major European metropolis, you’re very likely to find a potential bachelor or bachelorette, aching for your presence. 

There are a lot of women on this website. People who use these kinds of sites are mostly gendered fair, meaning that a lot of these websites have a near 50/50 split between the genders. Gleeden is no exception to this rule, as 45% of the website’s user-base are women who are looking for affairs.

This good split is mostly owed to the features which cater to the fair sex more than they provide to the stronger one. When it comes down to the age demographics of this website, you’re going to find that most members are in the 30-55 range.

This is mostly people who are unhappy in their marriage, then looking for a little sugar on the side. A myriad of features super secures the people on this website, all of which we’re going to get into a little bit later. 

Signing up, Making Your Profile, and the Whole Affair

Signing up to an online dating service is one of the most important things you should do. It is going to be a telltale of the whole experience. Lucky for you, the design and functionality of Gleeden have made it, so the entire process is streamlined to perfection, allowing for a quick and simple signup process.

The signup process is nonintrusive and is going to help you get in on the action. It will only require you to fill out a couple of pieces of relevant information, and then ask you to confirm your email address. Singing up to the profile is completely free while using the website comes at a price. You don’t have to worry about this, as the price is low, and you’re paying for a premier service. 

After you’ve filled out the quick questionnaire and confirmed your account, it’s time to get in on all the new profile making features. Your online dating profile is your advertisement. Gleeden respects your privacy, and will never allow your profile to be viewed by anyone outside of the website.

The profile you make might wind up on the “profiles of the day list,” which will no doubt drag people to view it. Because people are going to be looking at your profile left and right, you really want to make it pop. Fill it out with all the critical information, but don’t give out too much. 

You don’t want to give out too much private information because of security reasons, and you want to keep your potential match wondering. You can also create an album of photographs, including some individual pictures and records if you choose so. While NSFW content isn’t permitted on Gleeden, getting a little bit kinky has never hurt anyone.

All Mingling and Communication Features

If you’re looking for an affair, you really should consider an online dating service like this. It comes chock full of different mingling features that are going to help you get your very next date. If you’ve done all the steps above correctly, it’s only a matter of time before you’re getting into your next fun affair. 

One of the unique features that Gleeden brings to the table is the impressive “profile of the day” feature. Every day, a myriad of different profiles are going to be featured on the front page. If you try hard enough and subscribe to it, your profile can get here as well.

Getting your profile on the profiles of the day section is going to increase your chances of getting an affair by quite a lot. People won’t know how amazing of a person you are unless they have the opportunity to see your profile. If you’ve made your profile pop, you’re in for a wild ride.

Another exciting feature of this website is the ability to create unique, private albums. These albums can only be viewed by members who have priorly been confirmed by the active moderator team of Gleeden, and they have paid for their subscription.

Gleeden also comes with an interactive application, which is available to both iOS and Android users alike. An app like this allows you to take all your unfaithful needs on the go. It’s very versatile and is as beautiful, functional, and powerful as the website itself. 

This is a lady’s world, and Gleeden is a website by women, for women. That doesn’t mean that men can’t participate; it’s just that they have to pay for messages. Women, on the other hand, can use the intriguing and well made live chat feature for free.

If you’re a man looking to get a lady’s attention, you can send her a virtual gift. This is a credit-based website, and carrying a gift might help you garner some positive attention while breaking the ice. If you particularly fancy someone, you can add them to your favorites list.


Now, there is one thing Gleeden prides itself on more than anything else. Yes, it’s a great community of people who are looking for an affair, and it does come packed with all the features you could ever need. The members are real; the profiles are real, the scammers are vetted, it’s all there.

But what makes Gleeden stand out from the competition is the sheer security standard that the website employs when dealing with its members. The security standard of Gleeden is up to Fort Knox standard, meaning that there is absolutely no way for any of your information to leak anywhere.

Information leaks are dangerous in any industry, especially the dating industry. If you’re running a dating website that specializes in the affair and unfaithful cheating niche, a data leak can ruin your reputation irreparably. Look at what happened when AshleyMadison, one of the world’s most famous affair websites, had their data leak. Their data leak has ruined their reputation and made most of the users leave.

This is why Gleeden works for you. Gleeden employs the highest standard encryption and an ever vigilant and active moderator team. The moderator team is there to remove any possibility of scammers, blackmailers, and catfishes alike. The moderator team also works in approving any photos which are posted to this website.

This vetting is put in place to protect users from the lurking dangers that reside on these kinds of websites. These things can be insanely dangerous, and a great site needs a proper administrator team to protect it. When you’re paying for a membership on Gleeden, you’re paying for the security, discretion, and features that come alongside it.

The Price of the Credits

Gleeden isn’t a subscription-based website. It doesn’t use subscriptions as a merit for membership, opting for a credits based approach. This has numerous different benefits opposed to subscriptions, but with a few faults as well. Let us elaborate. 

With a subscription-based website, you’re paying for the whole ordeal all at once. When the topic concerns credit and a credit-based subscription, you’re in absolute control. You control how many credits you spend on this website, allowing you to plan your budget with much more power than with a subscription.

If you get a match on a subscription-based website and you’re looking to communicate, you’re well off. But if you get one match monthly, you’re not going to benefit much from the pricey subscription. With Gleeden, you only use credits as much as you choose. 

The downside to this credit-based system is you can get carried away pretty quickly. If you’re spending a lot of credits, all at once, the price of the subscription might be lower. If you’re careful and plan your credits, you’ll be alright. 

Now that we have explained the difference, the pros, and cons of this system, the credits are very affordable, coming in at:

  • 25 Credits – 14.99 $
  • 100 Credits – 40 39.99 $
  • 400 Credits – 99.99 $

It’s Good For 

If you’re a bad boy or a bad girl who is looking for a little something on the side, Gleeden and yourself are a match made in heaven. There are a lot of things that you can benefit from using a website such as this. From the guaranteed discretion, vast population, and bulletproof security, Gleeden is suitable for everyone.

Gleeden is mostly based in France and has an overwhelmingly French population. This is a good thing if you’re there too. If you’re in the age range from 30-55, you are likely going to find a potential suitor on this website.  

If you’re currently unhappy in your relationship and are looking for some unfaithful fun, you can benefit from using a website such as Gleeden. 

It’s Bad For

This website is not the best choice if you’re not based in France. While Germany, the UK, and some other major European countries are also covered, more rural places outside of France don’t have a significant population here. If you’re looking for something and can’t find it here, don’t fret! Exploring the website is free, so you’re only wasting a little bit of time.

If you’re into NSFW content, you’re not going to find it on Gleeden. Gleeden prohibits NSFW content, and posting it will prompt a ban. While Gleeden is cheap, it’s not a free website. If you’re looking for that kind of ordeal, you’re better off elsewhere.

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